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When you think about getting older, one of the common things you may worry about is back pain. I’m sure you’ve heard an older adult at one time or another say, “I have to sit down, my back hurts!” Although back pain is common with age, our chiropractor in Selden, Dr. Frank Pernice knows that there are definitely ways you can prevent it from happening.


Causes of Back Injuries

  • Bones becoming weak
  • Disc degeneration
  • Muscles losing resilience


Preventing Back Injuries

  • Maintaining a healthy weight, not smoking, and not putting an excessive amount of pressure on your spine daily can help prevent back pain. Everyone’s spine will experience some wear and tear throughout their life, and naturally, as you age it continues to occur. Being overweight and smoking puts an unnecessary amount of pressure on your discs which are the cushion between your spine’s vertebrae. This pressure can cause them to wear down over time. Disc degeneration can become very painful as you feel the compression of the spinal cord and your spinal nerves touching.
  • Have proper posture. When you naturally bend forward and have bad posture, it adds stress and pressure to your spine. Our chiropractor in Selden has seen that sitting up straight with good posture throughout your life will decrease your chances of back pain as you age.
  • Exercise steadily. Strengthening your core muscles as well as flexion and extension stretches regularly will keep your muscles strong and it will keep its resilience.
  • Avoid too much exercise. Although exercise is very important in preventing back pain, it can also cause it if you exercise too much and improperly. Overdoing it can lead to strains and sprains on your spine. When you strain or sprain something once, the likelihood of it happening again gets greater. If a strain or sprain does happen, you also need to give it time to heal which means little to no exercising that muscle for a little while.
  • Relaxing. If you are under a significant amount of stress, whether that’s due to your job or life hurdles, leaving time at the end of the day to stretch and loosen up your neck and back muscles is vital.
  • Having a well-balanced diet. Vitamin D is key to keeping your bones strong.

If you already have back pain, contact the office of Dr. Frank Pernice, a chiropractic office in Selden, to discuss the best treatment option for you. If you have any specific questions about back pain, you can also contact us for expert answers.

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