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Back pain is one of the most common reasons people visit the doctor and is the leading cause of disability affecting Americans younger than 45. Back pain can cause you to miss work and makes everyday tasks difficult to complete. Because the back is so complex, there could be a number of different reasons why you’re in pain. The type of pain (sharp or dull), frequency (constant or intermittent), and location of the pain are all important distinctions you’ll need to tell your doctor to receive a proper diagnosis.

Sometimes there’s nothing you can do to avoid back pain. Being involved in a car accident, spraining or straining a muscle, or fracturing a bone in your back are all uncontrollable events that can lead to serious back injury. While you can’t prepare for an accident, back pain is often related to an underlying disease or disability. The risk of developing such a condition that inflicts back pain can be significantly reduced by increasing your overall health, however. There are several small changes and additions you can make to your daily life that will make you feel better and help strengthen your back.

Surprisingly, reducing stress and negative feelings linked to depression, anxiety, and anger can help control back pain and prevent future pain. Exercise is often recommended to reduce stress, as it gives a positive release of negative feelings. It’s always important to stretch before any physical activity so you don’t pull a muscle while exercising. Along with exercise, a healthy diet can help control your weight and will take pressure off your spine, which can prevent some lower back disabilities. Depending on your condition, beneficial lifestyle adjustments may include chiropractic treatment. Your chiropractor will help you set goals and keep up with your health plan to ensure your back continues to get better.

At Pernice Chiropractic, we offer patients with back pain several treatment options. Back adjustments and manipulations, electric muscle stimulation, and nutritional counseling are just some of the many options patients receive at our practice. If you’re experiencing back pain in the Selden New York area, contact us with any questions or to make an appointment.

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