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Numerous patients experience posture and back problems, especially if you work at a desk job or a physical job. As you age, this situation will likely only become more uncomfortable. It is easy to relax, lean back, and forget about your posture. But having poor posture can lead to an abundance of problems, some you may not have even thought was possible. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Selden, NY to help treat issues you have related to poor posture, turn to Pernice Chiropractic for help today. Below, we will talk about what poor posture is, and some methods you can use to improve your posture and avoid any issues from developing.

What is Poor Posture?

Posture is the way you hold your body, how you sit and stand. Many times you will find yourself shifting into more relaxed or comfortable ways, but this often is what causes poor posture. Some examples of this can include:

  • Slouching while sitting.
  • Rolling your shoulders forward while standing.
  • Hunching over your keyboard/phone.
  • Leaning forward while sitting.
  • Having your bottom or hips stick out.

These are just a few examples of what can create bad posture in patients. Prolonged bad posture can place massive stress on your joints and muscles, leading to body pains, spinal dysfunctions, joint issues, and can even hurt your organs and digestion. Poor posture can also lead to rounded shoulders, potbelly, neck complications, and muscle fatigue. Reach out to Pernice Chiropractic for a chiropractor in Selden, NY and have your complications from bad posture treated today.

How to Keep Good Posture:

Good posture may seem unbalanced or awkward to maintain at first, but that is likely due to your body being accustomed to poor positioning, either while sitting or standing. Good posture not only prevents many of the issues related to poor posture but it overtime strengthens your body, letting you maintain a good posture with ease and without much thought. 

If you sit frequently when you work, you know how easy it can be to slouch in your chair or hunch over throughout the day. But to keep good posture while sitting, you have to be mindful of your posture and work against that from a mental standpoint. It’s best to have your lower back meet the back of your chair, keep your shoulders back in a rested and neutral position, and use a rolled-up towel or lumbar roll to support your middle back area. This keeps your spine’s natural curves intact and supported. Additionally, you want to keep both feet planted on the floor, slightly forward of your knees, keep your knees bent in a 90 degree, or so, angle and at the same level or slightly above your hips. Keeping this posture makes sure your back, hips, and legs are aligned and supported while you sit.

Along with sitting, it is important to keep proper posture while you stand or walk. While standing, keep your feet about shoulder with apart. Avoid pushing out your stomach or bottom, and keep your shoulders back and slightly down so you are standing up straight and tall. Lastly, keep your head and neck even and level as to avoid any hunching, with your arms hanging naturally at your side. 

Visit a Chiropractor in Selden, NY: 
Keeping good posture will make you feel better, help to avoid future complications and pain, and may even improve your physical appearance. However, having poor posture can cause various health issues over time. If you require a chiropractor in Selden, NY to help you with any complications due to posture, contact us a Pernice Chiropractic and get back to feeling better and pain-free today.


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