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Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is an effective way to help manage pain, as well as retrain the muscles that may have been affected by injury or disease.  By using this service, EMS can reach a deeper level of muscle and tissue to reduce or eliminate pain, and it can be used to help the recovery process from an injury. If you’re in search of a Selden chiropractor who can give you the right treatment, we offer electrical muscle stimulation as one of our services at Pernice Chiropractic.


EMS has a lot of great benefits that it offers.


  • Muscle re-education – electrical muscle stimulation is a proven method for helping re-educate muscles back from an injury or disease. It stimulates the muscles in a more effective way that can help you regain strength, as well as improve your muscle memory.


  • Stop muscle atrophy – muscle atrophy is when the muscles in your body begin to shrink or reduce due to limited use. EMS is an FDA certified method of stopping or slowing muscle atrophy.


  • Recovery – many athletes use EMS for recovery. It has been proven to expedite the time of the recovery exponentially. This allows athletes to continue to keep training and maintain more intense workouts. Our Selden chiropractor can work with you to help make sure that you are recovering fully and getting the most out of this method.


  • Pain management –  another benefit of this service is it can help you deal with muscle pain. The process acts as a massage for your muscles, which will allow them to relax, and the pain will be minimized or it will go away entirely.


Electrical muscle stimulation is a service that has a lot of benefits for a number of people, ranging from-high performance athletes to people suffering from an injury or a condition. At Pernice Chiropractic, a Selden chiropractor can offer great and dedicated service to you today. If you are interested in making an appointment, contact us today!


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