Interferential Electro-Therapy

Are you looking for a chiropractor near Centereach who can provide a safe and effective alternative to surgery for your pain? Look no further than Dr. Frank Pernice and his team at Pernice Chiropractic for interferential electro-therapy.


How Does Interferential Electro-Therapy Work?


Once you have been found to be a candidate for interferential electro-therapy (IFT), the treatment can begin very simply: an interferential current machine will be attached to your body with adhesive pads in the area where your pain resides, and a mild electrical current will be sent to stimulate the damaged tissue that lies below the surface. With a charge of 4,000 hertz, IFT provides a much more powerful electrical current than other forms of electrical stimulation therapy do. This stronger current has been shown to be most effective in promoting your body’s natural healing process in the following ways:


  • Increasing blood flow throughout the affected area
  • Stimulating local nerves to dull your pain by blocking pain sensory transmissions to your central nervous system  
  • Stimulating your body’s production of natural growth hormones, which play a key role in its overall healing process
  • Causing the damaged muscle to contract, thereby preserving its strength and structural integrity


The exact number of IFT treatments that you need will be determined by our chiropractor near Centereach, based on the nature and severity of your particular pain. However, we urge you to see the treatment through to the end, because it could take anywhere between three and five treatments before you begin to notice a decrease in your level of pain.


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