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Therapeutic Exercise widely ranges between many different exercises in order to restore the body to its original state and optimal well-being. Dr. Pernice a Chiropractor in Selden, New York, knows the importance of restoring the body through Therapeutic Exercise and has experienced many cases where his patients see great results.

There are many benefits of therapeutic exercise in chiropractic treatment. Patient outcomes tend to be successful because of its individualized nature. For some patients, it is very specific and targeting a certain area of the body, for others, it is very general and all over the body in order to increase the patient’s overall health. Therapeutic Exercise consists of three different types

  • Endurance Training
  • Resistance Training
  • Flexibility Training

Endurance training is exercises used to build a person’s stamina such as walking, cycling, swimming, running, etc. This type of therapeutic exercise is beneficial to overall health and general fitness. Resistance Training is used to increase a person’s strength by targeting the muscles. It includes using dumbbells, barbells, using your own body weight, push ups, pull ups, etc. The purpose of this is to increase the size of the muscles and by doing this ultimately strengthening the person. Flexibility Training involves mostly stretching. People who have or are suffering from an injury know how important it is to stretch the injured area in order to help the healing process.The combination of these three different types of therapeutic exercises is ideal for seeing the benefits of therapeutic exercise. Some of the benefits of therapeutic exercise are

  • Restoration of movement
  • Improvement of function
  • Improvement of strength
  • Improvement in gait and balance
  • Prevention and promotion of health
  • Wellness
  • Fitness
  • Endurance
  • Decrease Pain

If you are suffering from pain, a lack of movement decreased the range of motion or decreased strength seeing Dr. Pernice, a Selden Chiropractor. Dr. Pernice is trained and experienced with a wide variety of chiropractic techniques including therapeutic exercise which could benefit you greatly. Therapeutic exercise is aimed to increase a person’s well-being, and with the help of Dr. Pernice and the benefits of therapeutic exercise, you are guaranteed to see great results.

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