Therapeutic Exercise

When many think of chiropractic medicine, you tend to think of patients trying to recover from an injury or overcome some type of pain. However, what if there was more to it than that? Through an approach called therapeutic exercise, patients not only can receive care for their pain, but they can also strengthen their body and mind to possibly avoid future injury! This method is implemented here at Pernice Chiropractic and is a practice that has seen a high amount of success.


What is therapeutic exercise, though? Therapeutic exercise can be defined as a chiropractic approach to improve the physiological and psychological state of an individual through bodily movement. This therapy utilizes basic strength and conditioning methods to improve the patient’s body, as well as instill a level of calm within the patient’s mind. Therapeutic exercising has shown to help with many aspects of a patient’s recovery, such as:


  • Improving respiratory control
  • Improving balance
  • Improving muscle strength and endurance
  • Improving circulation
  • Promoting feelings of calm


Who would have thought that exercising could lead to recovery?! On top of this, therapeutic exercise has proven to be a boon to chiropractic patients across the country. When it comes to recovery, many chiropractors recommend exercise as a means of recovery, knowing that the psychological benefits from a healthy lifestyle improve one’s overall recovery.


Therapeutic Exercise can be broken down into three branches of recovery:


  1. Endurance Training: Focusing on building up stamina, whether by cycling, running, swimming, etc.
  2. Resistance Training: Focusing on muscle strength, such as lifting weights or bodyweight
  3. Flexibility Training: Focusing on proper stretching of muscles


When all three steps are implemented together, the patient’s treatment becomes more than just getting over their personal injuries. It becomes a way of life, and that is something we at Pernice Chiropractic feel is paramount to leading a healthy lifestyle!


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