What is Electrical Muscle Stimulation?

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What is Electrical Muscle Stimulation?

Depending on your condition, a chiropractor or physical therapist may suggest electrical muscle stimulation treatment. For most, this term may not be familiar. Electrical muscle stimulation, or e-stim, is a low risk and minimally invasive treatment that can help with many different muscle-related problems. During this treatment, electrodes are placed on your body and electrical signals, or pulses, are to your muscles or muscle groups in the area. By sending these electrical signals, the targeted muscles will contract, more than they would on their own. By forcing certain muscles within the body to contract, and “work” themselves, your chiropractor or physical therapist will be able to promote muscle growth and recovery among other benefits. To speak to a chiropractor in Selden, NY regarding electrical muscle stimulation, contact Pernice Chiropractic today.

Benefits of Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electrical muscle stimulation can be used to help with several problems relating to your muscles. By forcing certain muscles to contract your chiropractor can help you work certain muscles that you are unable to or are too weak to strengthen. E-stim also increases blood flow in the applied areas, increases your VO2 levels, and promotes various health benefits for your muscles. Below are some of the most common uses for e-stim: 

  • Improve recovery: increasing blood flow, strengthening surrounding muscle groups, and causing controlled contractions can promote recovery from injuries. This therapy is also used in post-op patients to promote and hasten recovery after surgeries.
  • Stop muscle atrophy: by stimulating and contracting muscles, e-stim can keep muscles active even when you can’t on your own. Muscle atrophy can occur from surgeries, injuries, or conditions like multiple sclerosis. By keeping your muscles active, muscle atrophy can be slowed or even prevented.
  • Pain relief: applying e-stim in a certain way can promote muscle relaxation, reducing tension in the area. By reducing the tension, swelling, inflammation, pain in the area can be reduced. 

When used properly E-stim can have many health benefits, more than we discussed here. With a chiropractor trained in electrical muscle stimulation, the risks are minimal. To speak with an e-stim trained chiropractor in Selden, NY, contact us and see how we can help.

What happens in an Electrical Muscle Stimulation treatment

Electrical muscle stimulation treatment is straightforward and simple and can last anywhere from a few minutes to upwards of 20. Multiple electrodes are applied to the targeted area, and the electrodes are connected to an e-stim machine. Electrical pulses are applied to the area, starting low and growing in strength to the desired amount that is required for your specific needs. You will start by feeling slight tingling, growing in intensity as needed. You may be asked to relax or contract your muscles depending on the type of treatment. There is no pain associated with this treatment, and if done by a professional there are rarely any side effects or complications. However, if administered incorrectly there are a few risks involved. These risks include:

  • Muscle tear: incorrect e-stim intensity and growth can cause your muscles to contract too fast or too much, resulting in a tear.
  • Skin irritation: improper electrode placements or patients with more sensitive skin may experience mild skin irritation. Your doctor should do a proper medical history check to see if e-stim treatments are right for you.
  • Tissue burn: e-stim treatments with far too much intensity may cause tissue burn.

A trained healthcare professional can minimize or eliminate the risks of using electrical muscle stimulation treatments. We advise you to make sure your chiropractor or physical therapist is trained in e-stim treatments. To speak with a chiropractor in Selden, NY that is trained in electrical muscle stimulation, contact Pernice Chiropractic to make an appointment today.


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